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Here at the USKO we believe our role is to teach children more than just kicks & punches, it is about empowering them with skills that will help them succeed during the rest of their lives. By engaging in a group activity, the children learn important social skills and by performing in front of each other their confidence grows at an unbelievable rate.

Our children’s classes are roughly split in to 2 age groups, Dragons (5-8yrs) & Warriors (9-12yrs). The classes are taught in a relaxed but disciplined manner with the emphasis on having fun. The younger children play games which help improve their motor skills such as running, jumping & hopping which require balance & co-ordination, while the older children’s activities encourage skills such as teamwork & co-operation.

Positive reinforcement is used to help the children understand how well they are progressing. This, along with our structured grading syllabus, ensures they are continually striving towards & meeting new goals.

Our youngsters learn respect for themselves & others & gain confidence in their own ability both inside & outside the class. By practicing Sport Karate children learn to pay attention & focus on their tasks in hand, which also helps them in other areas such as schoolwork.

All our students, regardless of age, practice semi-contact (light contact) sparring, which provides an element of competitiveness. However, we emphasize that winning, although important, is not everything and that taking part and trying your best is what counts most. Likewise, all of our students are frequently reminded that the skills they learn are never to be used outside of the class except for the purpose of self-defence.

Many children’s charities who help children that are being bullied, recommend martial arts as a way to improve children’s confidence. In many instances simply doing a martial art will lead to such an improvement in self-confidence that the bullying will stop.

With childhood obesity rates at an all-time high & with more & more children spending so much of their time playing video games & using the computer we at the USKO believe that it is time to turn off the screens & turn on the exercise.


Adults attending our classes can forget the pressures of everyday life and come along for a challenging yet satisfying work out that will leave them feeling invigorated and wanting more. All new members will receive a warm welcome from their instructor and fellow members. You will work to a slow start programme, with a soft and gentle approach designed for everyone, no matter your age, size or fitness.

The classes vary from week to week with sessions focusing on improving speed, power and co-ordination through a variety of dynamic moves and exercises with the focus clearly on a health and fitness orientated lifestyle. The varied workouts will include elements such as Line Work, Bag Work, Sparring and Kata.

Some of the possible benefits include:

    • Weight loss and muscle tone. 
    • Stress release. 
    • Improved flexibility. 
    • Strength. 
    • Endurance. 
    • Self-defence and personal protection. 

The USKO’s aim is to make sure that all our students will feel fitter and better about themselves, at the same time as learning what could be valuable self-defence. Our goal is to ensure our members remain focused and motivated, enjoy their Sport Karate and achieve a healthier lifestyle.